Issue with Instagram Story Engagement

I have 15.2K Followers, all genuine and I’ve noticed that my stories only reach around 300 people a day. I have some people in a similar field who have only 7,000 followers and 9,000 followers and they are receiving over 1000+ story views! Have I been blacklisted or shadowbanned? Please help I want to get my engagement back up!

To be able to understand, we would need more data than just an ER drop. For example :

  • What’s your niche ?
  • Content quality ?
  • Post/Stories frquency ?
  • Bad story reach, but what’s about the posts ? Low ER aswell ?
  • Use of automation or any other external sources of traffic ?

Now, you can read again the above questions and try to compare your account and your competitors (7k, 9k), try to make a link with some differences that might be the causes

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