Issue with posting videos/images as reel on Instagram from the last upgrade

Hi everyone,

Have you noticed that there is an issue when checking “Instagram Post In Reel” option in the campaign?

In the past I checked this option and it posted the posts as reel if they’re video.
However, there is some changes from the last version make it works incorrectly.
Currently, the tool posts images as reel as well instead of only videos. This doesn’t make sense when I want to post only video as reel. I sent an email to supporters but they replied that how the tool works.:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Thank you!

The tool can post any type of post (video or image) to the destination you select, it will not choose if it will post to reels or to wall …

The only solution for that is to create 2 separate campaigns, one to post videos to reel, and another campaign to post image posts to wall.

Yeah, indeed that how the campaign is working and that’s how it worked for me always. You can take the suggestion from AbdelGueraa and create two separate campaigns to achieve that.

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According to the Development Team, the logic indeed changed. Would you like it to allow posting images only to wall/story again?

Thank Jaha.
In my opinion, It is inconvenient to create 2 separate campaigns to achieve this.
I think the team should have an option to achieve this in 1 campaign only.
If the option is checked, the video should be posted as a reel.

Hello Jessi,

Thanks for the confirmation.
I know that the logic has changed since the last version. Because I checked that option and I saw there was a change on my account. It posted images as a reel. :smiley:
I sent the email to the support team but they didn’t admit that the logic changed.
I am a little disappointed with the support team.

For now, I think I will request the team to add a new option to post a video as a reel if the option is checked. I think the logic is simple but I don’t know if the team will implement it. :slight_smile: