Issues with Scraper account. Please help

Hey Guys, hope everyone is doing great. I need your help. I am stuck with Code 550 Error. Here is the scenario

I opened some fresh IG accounts on my phone. Verified them and planned to use them as scrappers.

I verified these scrapers on Jarvee with EB. They got verified fast. I was happy. Then I switch them from EB to API and tried to re-login. It was a success. But when I tried to run follow tool, Jarvee showed code 550 error. What could be the issue? BTW I AM using 4g proxy fro main and scraper both of the accounts.

I have followed all the steps of @Adi_Ankonina from her youtube videos for global settings and Social Profile advance settings.

I think you can not login your scraper accounts with EB on Jarvee. Does that ruin it? What you guys think please let me know. Here are some screenshots.

Uncheck this option in Settings > Social Platforms > instagram. It should work after that.

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make sure that this option is unchecked

under Settings, Social platforms, Instagram uncheck these ones as well then stop/start the tool.


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Thanks a lot for your suggestion. Its working perfectly now.

Thanks a lot @Luca . I unchecked everything you mentioned and its working properly now. Thanks a lot

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you are welcome my friend :blush: