It doesn't post with jarvee

I’m doing reporting.
It says the posting is complete,
but it didnt post.

new account
three days after pv.
Good Mobile Proxy

Where did you get your mobile proxy? That seems to be the problem.

i think
This is a problem that only happens in new accounts.
There is nothing wrong with other old accounts.

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Go to campaigns in advanced settings for that account and click post image as video. See if it posts, the only thing is it will look like a video :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also give it a few days from reposting or posting if on a good proxy IG will probably allow you to post again.

New account that was just PV’d? It might take a week or two before you can post.

Are you just reposting? Or are you reposting with spintax etc?

From where?


Try to log in your account to your mobile phone and try to post a photo. If dosen’t work than the account is the probleme or got temporary flaged, if it’s working than the proxy is the problem.

Thank you for chiming in. So you say, after a PV, would you say we should:

  • rest posting AND
  • rest the tools (like, follow…)
    for some days?

Thank you :smiley:

I was halfway asleep when I read OP’s post missed the PV’d part. I have only been PV’d when posting a couple times and the accounts got disabled shortly after thinking it was bad proxies.

How long do you recommend the account rest after a PV

I usually let it rest for about 24 hours @MrRedJacket