It seems like Twitter is a master of locking accounts with phone verification

Read topics and comments, mix actions of follow, unfollow, favorite, slow down action and increase sleeping and waiting time, test with an over three month account with 5000 followers.

Result lock with phone verify.

not good

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Do you PV with apps or do you have real SIMs?

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Twitter is on lockdown for automation. No joke, I just favorite the hell out of things and it;s fine.

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Thats the reason why i stopped with twitter.

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Stop following, favorite and tweet with hashtags and keyword rich tweets (up to 500 a day) and you should be fine without PVA


I use real sim to verify.

But you didn’t get BANNED right?

I got banned for Political Conservative Talk, Freedom of Speech is gone at Twitter.

not banned yet

so it seems to be a marketing scheme after all… sad