It's official! I just got my first ACCOUNT DISABLED! (does a happy dance)

Hello everyone!

SO… I just got my first account that’s (2 days old) banned! I’ve gone through the appeal process and sitting
and waiting for IG (fingers crossed) to lift their ban.

Can someone share some light as to the whole process? I know that with Twitter I can have accounts locked dozens of times and they get unlocked each and everytime. Is IG as forgiving or when they lock an account, they lock an account for good?

Any insight into the whole ACCOUNT DISABLING process and your experiences would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

First acc with 2 days old? Not sure you’re in the right place here. Use the search button there’ plenty of tricks used and they go by the thousands and lost by the hundreds.

Why would you wanna appeal a 2 days old account, you’ll never see it back anyways

It’s part of a bigger marketing campaign and retaining the user name is important. Otherwise… yes… I agree with you about starting a new account.

You might want to read this thread on what not to do on Instagram and this one about ig restrictions . There are more, just browse the Ig section and you will see them :wink:

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Thank you Johnny… I’ve thoroughly devoured that post and did everything properly except one of the repost strategies.

I’m sensing this account in question got flagged for the quantity of daily reposts. I think I was a little over the top for a new account. Lets hope this account becomes active soon. (fingers crossed)

Check this out here if you really want to have a good time. :champagne:




Thank you!

A cheeky monkey indeed. :smiling_imp:

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Question: How can i set the Status of a reactivated Account back to “normal”? I mark it as Valid but the message is still there (and i can access the account via BROWSE).