I've been getting tons of action blocks lately. How do I fix it?

I tried clearing the cache. It proved effective but only for a short amount of time.
Should I reset my devise ids? I heard in another forum you should do this less as possible.
My max settings are less than 150/daily for each setting.
I haven’t done much of my Instagram account lately for 5 days and still getting blocked. :frowning:
Do you think Jarvee should still be $30 monthly? I have no money for proxies atm and it is turning out to be very expensive for the entire setup.

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“Here is my suggestion”… kinda still looking for it

I re edited the title, sorry to mislead. I just needed help.

If you’re not using proxies that’s your answer you need at least mobile proxies from my experience

Also Jarvee is very affordable and even after VPS/proxies

Do you run only one account? Than no need for proxies.
Resetting the device ID should be the last thing you try.

Are these hard blocks? If yes let the account rest.
Do they stick when using EB?
Have you tried switching to new proxies? (mobile ones seem to work better for me). You don’t need to buy proxies, you can always ask for a test proxies for a day or so, see if that solves your problem.
Are you using Api or EB?
Have you tried clearing cache?
Have you tried logging out and in of the profiles on Jarvee?

In order to get help, you need to tell what you have done so far, so that we have a chance to help you further.

First try to change the proxy, get a mobile proxy or at least a good quality data center one. If still same problem try to resting ids and keep the account in sleep for at least 2 days. Then try to start slowly with warming up. You can find tons of tutorials for warming up in this forum. Better if you can go through the mega threads. Hope this will solve the issue.

I think they’re hard blocks so I am going to let the account rest.
No they don’t stick when using EB.
I haven’t tried any proxies since it is a single account.
I am using EB.
I cleared cache, cookie, and i reset ids as my last resort option
Yes, yesterday I did log out of Jarvee profile

Seems like a hard block, and you are doing the correct thing. Let it rest.

Thank you. i am going to give it another 2 days than automate again. I am only doing a max of 150/day for each settings, it shouldn’t be too high right

As long as it’s 150 f/uf and likes you are good for each, but I haven’t seen anyone recently doing 150 comments a day.

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Thank you. I have yet to test proxies. I know they help but I was told I don’t need them if I am only automating 1 account.

Usually running one account does not need proxy IF you are running it on your home IP or mobile connection, but if you have setup Jarvee on a vps, then that is a whole another story. Some people tend to abuse VPS or datacenter proxies or connections, and you may risk that IG banns an entire /subnet, and if your IP is within that subnet, you’ll face issues.

Well I am running Jarvee on the VPS connection because I have OSX mac. I don’t think there is an alternative unless Jarvee releases an application for mac users.

are you using a good mobile proxy?

I was getting blocks constantly by using Henry coopers mobile proxy… I switched to HypeProxy.io and wow… what a change, Its been 15 days with 0 blocks! (theyre like 40€ or so)

I would try with a mobile proxy when your rest period is over if I was you. See if that does help with your blocks returning.

So a mobile proxy, 4g i assume. I don’t really want to spend money on a mobile proxy. Can I use my iphone in a way with Jarvee? Is it even possible?

Yes you can. Install jarvee on you personal computer, either run it on you home wifi or do a hotspot from your mobile to your computer and test. But then you need the computer to be on all the time, and also that costs money. But altleast you can try

Lol I never tried using my phone as a hotspot for Jarvee.
It is an iphone x LTE (4g) hope to god it works. :sob:
I am desperate for anything.
I don’t need to enter any proxy details doing this method right?
(lol I think it is working) automation seems good right now.

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Dudes got an iphone x yet wont pay for 20$ mobile proxy. The fuck is up with people. Come on man…

You gonna have your iphone tethering and spending 24/7 in your basement cause of it? I’m mind blown…