J is following 500 users a day without me knowing, with no blocks

You heard it right. I check J and about 50% of my clients have gained +31, +36, +22 so far today and I’m so confused because I’ve been dealing with a lot of blocks recently. I check dashboard, stats and under “Follow” it shows 0 follows in the last few days (because of blocks), I check “Followers” and my clients have gained a good amount. Thennnnn, I check under “Followings” and see it’s followed 500+ people today! wtf, I don’t even allow in my settings to follow more than 100 a day… So I think maybe my client manually followed that many somehow, but then I check about 10 more clients of mine and they all have the same case following 300+, 450+, 500+ just today. I’m so confused… The only thing I can think of is I turned all account to only follow in EB. But even so, it’s not even recognizing the follows and doing these crazy numbers without me even knowing. And yes I checked on the Instagram app and the numbers are there. I’m not mad because my clients just got some nice growth, but I’m also confused on what the heck is going on. Please someone enlighten me.

Edit: I am also able to follow way more people on my accounts today and seeing 0 blocks. Anyone else? Testing with likes as well. EB only - 4g mobile proxies.


You are so lucky that you don’t have follows xD Because the 70% of my clients has problems and are stucked…

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I have some accounts that did got +200 around follows today, also, without having the follow tool enabled !!

what’s fucking happening ?


wow… what the heck is happening lmaoo

Have you tried pinching yourself?

Did you submit a ticket?

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Maybe all those block requests were queued up and finally went through API? Maybe Jarvee figured something out? Client lying to you?

Yes I did, waiting to hear back.

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Maybe? Client is not lying because this is the case for a few more clients accounts. Also, @NVY.Social is experiencing this too. Anyone else? Everyone check your stats.

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Bro, I legit did lmao I was so lost

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Just imagine this is just a bad joke from Instagram and it’s in correlation to the unfollow blocks. They let us follow without limits again, we are happy and then boom unfollow block! :joy:

I think and hope this is just a funny thought but to be honest, after the last weeks I would not be surprised anymore.


Sometimes I think IG has a team of these evil corporate guys who read this forum daily and fck with us for a good laugh


maybe that’s their new strategy to fight F/UF automtion. Cause once you hit max following number (is it 7K or 7500?) and can’t unfollow because of unfollow blocks, you can’t follow more anyway.

This is just evil

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tbh I would prefer that haha, then hire someone to manually unfollow everyone

I’m relieved to be out of the game when I read things like these.

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I think Zuckerbeg is just having a great mood today.


you are out of the game?