J - "No users to unfollow at the moment" leads to block?

Hi Guys,

I’m new to the forum. If I’m doing any mistake just tell me :slight_smile:

Very often I’m getting the error

There are no users to unfollow at the moment.

in J. I know that It could be caused by my filters, however there should be enough users… And if I got this message too often the next time J tries to follow I get a temporary block. Maybe it’s just random but I have the feeling that there is a connection.

Is it possible that there are some wrong API Calls or something similar?

What do you think?

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I think use scrapper combined with EB will solve the problem

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Thanks @kitamain for your suggestion but that is what I’m doing already. Or do you mean scraper for unfollowing?

i use scrapper/api+acc/eb+4g mobile/rotating , and it work for me , but i think you need to warm your acc , instagram still have Trust score now。