Jar likes only settings

hii friends
i stopped using automation before about 2 months
but now i wont to get back but i wont to use a different strategy now
i don’t want to do F/U (i have noticed that IG punish and decreased the impression if usingthe F/U)
so i wont to try doing only likes to people that NOT follow me (i think it be the best for the long run)
but im abit NOOB in the likes area
someone have a good recommended LIKES ONLY settings?

and before some time i use the EB only (its works the best in that time) but now i read alots of people said they get back to the API and its workers the best now its corrected?

and if i use likes only i still be needed to use a scrap account ?

tnx in advance :pray:

Honestly, I’d like to know automated like limits too. I haven’t heard anyone say a single word about it

if EB is working well on your side, you should continue using EB, and switch to API only when you get blocked.

yes, scrapper account is a must.

as for settings, i don’t set the tool to like more than 200 posts per day since my account got action blocked when I pushed it.

you will probably get different results, but i would suggest you start with low settings.


tnx my friend i give this setting a try
you use API or EB ?
i don’t try use API a very long time
i wont to switch to API because i think its looks more legit from the EB :face_with_monocle:

I’m using API full emulation on my account at the moment. If you don’t get blocked and don’t see weird errors from EB on your Summary tab, I think you should stick to EB. :slightly_smiling_face:

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yes for now EB working so i stick with it
tnx man