Jarve for 100 twitter accs automation?

So I have 50-100 twitter acc I run till September through a ‘‘former software’’.
I am supposed to use Jarvee, whats the costs and how many twitter accounts can I add?

I used to buy 2-4 years old accounts, let them run very slow 25 followings/day, maybe 70/day later.
Most of them stayed alive. I restored the lost ones.

Is Jarvee good?

yes but expensive for 100 accounts

Yes, it is working well for Twitter accounts. I would suggest you use 1 proxy on each account. You can add up to 250 accounts in 1 Jarvee instance. As for the price for 100 accounts plan, it’s around USD 80 per month for 1 PC. Contact their support to double check about the price.

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Yes, jarvee is awesome for Twitter as well. You can try the free trial and you will see :slight_smile:

Yes, Jarvee is great for Twitter accounts. It’s best to contact their support and ask about the prices regarding the plan that you are interested in. They also have a 5-days trial period to check how it works for you before you decide to pay for it.

Hi. Yes Jarvee its good. I also try to reach 100 personal acc. Also i want to start a thread with some tips soon

Nice, I am looking forward to it gabrielenk :pray: :pray: