Jarvee 2021 - New IG Europe DM Policy Solution

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Hope you all enjoyed the holidays!

Instagram has recently updated its DM policy again for services in Europe.

For those who are using Jarvee for the mother / child method, you may have noticed an increase in the following error message in the “Show Notification History” when bulk messaging:

  • {‘action’: ‘item_ack’, ‘status_code’: ‘403’, ‘payload’: {‘client_context’: ‘7dd6e32e—’, ‘message’: ‘’, ‘client_facing_error_message’: ‘This can\u2019t be sent because of new rules for messaging services in Europe’, ‘is_epd_error’: true}, ‘status’: ‘fail’} for user:445—

We have been tracking this error message with our mass test IG accounts in Jarvee and found out the problem is a result of using the Contact Tool > Send Messages To New Followers > Enable Share Profiles option. This option is not allowed anymore by Instagram because of new messaging rules in Europe when trying to share a profile via DM.


  1. Delete all pending messages. This can be done in bulk for all accounts by selecting the “Remove all from selected accounts” option below the Pending Send Message heading.
  2. Turn off “Enable Share Profiles”
  3. Restart “Contact Tool”

This has now also been confirmed by Raha from Jarvee.

All pending messages must be deleted as they are already set to “Enable Share Profile”. If this step is not completed, your account will go into a temporary block status.

Although this “Enable Sharing Profile” option is not viable at the moment, we have not seen any issues with having the @account being listed in the actual message body. These messages are still being sent without facing blocks.

We have not faced any issues after disabling the “Enable Share Profile” option.

For any new Instagram issues we face, I will keep everyone updated.

Hope this helps those who are facing this issue!
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Appreciate the insights. Been seeing more of my accounts being blocked hopefully this gets me out of it.

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One thing people should do is export the users first then delete, then readd them with specific users tool. Make things easier

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Anyone realize that certain accounts IG disable the DM website link which means you can send website link but your can’t click it … Any of you experience that?


Yep, Ive had that too. Sucks

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Yes definitely great advice! The only limitation with Jarvee is this will have to be done on an account to account basis as there is no “export for all accounts” feature yet. This can be tedious when running large number of accounts.

For those who have this list of usernames already (previous scraping / extractions) and do not want to individually go through each account, you can follow step 1 and bulk delete straight away and then re-import again using the “Use Extracted Users”.

This is a weird one but it is happening. We did find a method of getting past this and I am in the process of writing a detailed guide which will include this topic and how to use a layered system for messaging to avoid this situation.


Thank you for all of the valuable info! Cant wait for the guide. :slight_smile: Could you check your messages from me please? Cheers!

Certain accounts of mine can send website link but certain the website link is just an ordinary text which can’t be click…
Not sure whether is this bug or IG purposely do implement this…
But excited that you have a solution to it =)

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I think we should ask Jarvee to add a share post instead of share profile that’s what others are doing now after this new change…


Yes, this issue happens to my accounts too, the link is not clickable even if I send it manually. I’ve not seen any solution for it. Can not send links in DMs

Anyway, thanks @CatX for sharing the solution for the block issue.

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Any news from them about this yet?

It’s possible to share posts using the Repost tool. Check this option in Repost tool settings tab:

You can use the Follow tool on your scraper account to send the extracted users to the Repost Settings tab.

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Do you use this in addition to normal text DMs? Or is this replacing your DMs? Are you getting blocks from sending so many of the same post to 1000s of people? How would this work when you need to send only to people who followed back?

No, I don’t use that feature. You will probably get blocked if you share the post too fast. For the Repost run timers: use the same wait time you have in Send Message tab.

You can go to your Follow results tab, export all, then use the filter feature in excel to show only users that followed you back. Add the usernames manually on the Repost tool Settings tab, or you can set a scraper account to scrape your main account’s Followers and have the scraped users sent to the Repost tool Settings tab.

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