Jarvee - 4G vs. Private Proxies

Could someone tell me why everyone is recommending 4G proxies? I am currently using private iPv4 Proxies and my accounts usually have some kind of verification wich leads to a blocked account within 1-3 days. Might it be because of my cheap proxies and how are 4G proxies better? I have heard it has to do something with ISP (??).

yes, 4G proxies are the best for IG automation they work better for IG, trusted IP, and considered high quality.

But why are they trusted? Is it because they are actually created with 4G dongles?

Proper 4G Mobile Proxies are actually connecting to a cell tower and have IP Adresse that can be identified as mobile/cell providers. High quality 4G proxy providers are hard to find, since it’s not as easy as it might seem.
Compared to a residential (your home internet) or datacenter (run through a server) proxies, these 4G proxies are much more complicated to run and maintain.

They look real to IG and other social media platforms, since most real users connect through their 4G phones.
Also, your 4G internet connection keeps changing, or can change its IP address every time it reconnects.
This is normal and there is a technical reason for this, but that’s a different a story.
But we can use this to our advantage, because social media platforms know that 4G Mobile internet connections keep changing IP addresses, and they will not try to block them.
These are a few of the advantages of a 4G proxy and why they should be used.


Boris explained it way better than I could do :grin: Thanks, Boris.

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Where can we get some proxies

Boris is a specialist if the topic go to 4G Mobile Proxies. Someone have experience with 5G?


:pray: Thanks :wink:
No 5G dongles yet, but did some tests with 5G phones. Same IP as 4G, just faster and little bit better pings.
Maybe next year :wink:


Yea its about the Ping and Speed. If you run Twitter, YT, Facebook, LinkedIn, Insta, Pinter and later also TikTok on one proxy u need high speed and also a very good ping.

I have the feeling if the ping is to slow you get some time error time out at JV.

Of course, that’s why timeout errors are occurring most of the time.

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Now that explains a lot. I was wondering why people would ever want to rotate their 4G proxies. I have never read about people using static 4G proxies for Instagram, but now that makes sense. What would you say about 3G proxies? I have yet to see people talking about them in terms of using those for Instagram. Best regards

You still can get 3G. In our Country the are just 4G and step by step more 5G. Just the People are fighting agin 5G because of bad Image.

True 4G mobile proxies, based on real mobile devices that connect to cell phone towers change between your IP and the general pool of people who are using mobile phones. This gives social media platforms the implication that a real person is using a phone and not a bot. Bans are critical to impose since they could be banning anyone rather than someone specific. Good 4G proxies also use singular dedicated phones (not shared devices or modems, which are the worse-case). These give natural normal device signatures. These are the reasons why 4G mobile proxies are so powerful and versatile.