Jarvee Account Creation

Is this working for anyone? Using Outlook/Hotmail I get these messages:

“That code isn’t valid. You can request a new one.”

After extracting the 2nd code, the “That code isn’t valid” error repeats.

Sometimes I also get;

“Sorry! We’re having trouble verifying your confirmation code right now. Please try again later.”

This is with fresh 4G IP

The accounts that do make it through (if I keep pressing Next until it works) I receive instant Captcha

YAS! It always happens why though!?

Yeah. Pretty sure most emails don’t work when creating accounts in mass. Even manually ive had captcha using Hotmail which is weird

Seen this happen with hotmail, outlook, gmail

SIM cards are in 2021, what Gmail was in 2020 :blush:
But seriously, also having issues with emails.
Started matching phone nrs with 4G proxy location, also. Working :+1:
You can add an email 24hrs later to the accounts.

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I have the same issue since 3 days, before that it worked, I think it’s a problem on instagram side…

Now I create from phone number, 0.15$ per account

Are you on clubhouse? I would love to study under you about instagram automation :slight_smile:

It’s easy to set up the proxies and sms numbers. I’m still creating massive amounts of accounts :heart_eyes:


Which sms provider? All the ones ive tried are terrible. Have to use real ones which are way more expensive

Agree, as of now no issues with the account creation

What provider are you using and what proxies are you using?

Just came back to bring so much value as usual ? :wink: Don’t disappear !

This isn’t a right question to ask, i guess…

Do you know if any emails can be used to create still?

you can use gmail

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Yes using emails are is possible.

Gmail is also hard though as it also requires Pv or are expensive to buy in mass

I have no problem whatsoever with Gmail

Doesn’t gmail need PV to make though?

Ya the gmails need pv. sorry I miss read your other message lol

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Do you know if yahoo works?