Jarvee accounts verification problem

Hello guys , so i’ve been trying to do pv for some acounts through jarvee , i request the code i put it and then they request an email verification , the part that i don’t understand that the email that they show me and where they send the code is not the email associated with the account , how can i solve that ?

Did you change the password when creating the account?


Yes! , i did change the password for the accounts beceause i bought them .

Where did you get the accounts from?

Someone changed your emails or it got reverted to their original email.

no one changed my email , is there a solution for this problem ?

Either someone who had prior access to your account changed the email or the verification code might be under the “social” tab. I assume you’re using gmail.

no i’m using @mail.ru , another problem showed up accounts get disabled/banned immediately after i try to login to them , this is driving me crazy i don’t know what is happening !

guys please help me , how can i add instagram accounts without them being disabled ?

@WingLee help brother :frowning:

For the email problem if you are logged in on any device with the account check the email. Is it the one that you know that you have there? If you can’t check do NOT state that the email shown by instagram is wrong, they are annoying a**holes but even they have a limit ( ok truth be told they are sometimes really dumb )

Want to create long lasting accounts ( this is not a mass creation solution )?
Get an old android:

  1. Factory reset the phone
  2. Create a gmail on it
  3. Create instagram using that gmail -> Profile with name, image, post an image

Go back to point 1

You can verify through the embedded browser. What type of proxies are you using? Make sure you aren’t running an actions after a PV.

did anyone help you?