Jarvee Action Block vs. Temporary Block?

Jarvee normally gives either of the following:

  • Action Blocked - This action was blocked. Please try again later.

  • Temporary Block

What’s the difference?

Temporary block is initiated by Jarvee when it cannot follow with the EB.
Action block is the API response for a blocked follow action.

If you are using the EB you might get temporary block instead of action block


Is there a timing considering Temp block? Like how long does it usually last? 24h, 48h, 7 days? Or is it just random

Pretty sure you can edit how long temp blocks last from settings

Just read something saying they lost 24h at first and if you retry the blocked action in that timeframe they slap you with 48hrs

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You can usually clear an EB temporary block by

  • clearing the account cookies;
  • turning off all functions which suspend a tool when blocked for the relevant account; and
  • restarting the relevant tool.

As far as I know there is no way to immediately clear an API action block.

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I’m aware of the possibilities to clear it. Thing is that with 100’s of slaves it could be beneficial to let it rest for X amount of time (24h, 48h ,…) when you arent able to manually clear them due to lack of time instead of letting it bump into the full action block of a week or so.

That’s why i asked

You can just select all accounts and clear cookies; start stop all tools and voila. Won’t take more than a minute!

Don’t you get a lot of email verifications by clearing cookies?

It’s never been a problem for me personally. But I never clear cookies on accounts that I’ve very recently logged into the software.


hi guys did you see a block like this before?

Yes, try these step:

  1. Social Profiles
  2. Click the affected account
  3. Add a random letter at the end of the username
  4. Press Verify
  5. You will receive a “i nvalid credentials ” error
  6. Remove the random character at the end of the username
  7. Press verify again
  8. Turn the tool off and on

I hope this helps

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sorry it didnt worked :frowning:

clearing cookies does trigger EV’s and/or Pv’s depending on a lot of factors. So i’d much rather let them rest and restart them at some point (which i’m trying to figure out) then trying to workaround it be clearing cookies. Seems a lot safer too. Since it’s not about mains i have no urge to restart them fast and possibly let them hit the action block wall

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When using EB in a different automation.
Why does Jarvee write EB Temporary Block?
When I switch to API, I can follow it again.
@JRVTeam eam

Hey guys sorry to bring back an old post, instead of starting a similar thread, just wanted to ask.

EB only and Temp Block

What do you guys do:

  1. Do you guys let it figure itself out?
  2. Do you guys clear cookies and turn off turn on the follow?
  3. Do you guys have this option enabled logout from EB when follow with EB is blocked?
    3b) Do you find you hard blocks happen more for the above as you are logging in and out constantly?

Many thanks!

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