Jarvee- Add friends error


Hi. I am trying to add friends in jarvee. I use the reactions of a group, but facebook does not allow me to add them.

Are you also a member of the group where you extracted the reactions from?

Are you trying to add new friends on a new FB account?

You will get the same message when you add those users manually outside of Jarvee.

I think you’ll first need to improve your account’s trust score before you’ll be able to send friend requests to random people.

that’s normal, FB is thinking that you are abusing the friend request tool, you should give the account some rest then warm up the account from start then try again slowly.

thanks for your answer. Yes, i am a member of that group.

thanks for your answer. Yes, the account is new, and the message also appears when doing it manually, it has nothing to do with the software.
How old should the account be to add friends? I was testing with 10 friends daily.

thanks for answering. What actions increase the trust of facebook in my account? I still do not learn to configure everything in my account, what actions should I configure to generate trust?

thanks for your answer. how long does it take to heat up an account? What actions should I take to heat my account? At the moment I am only liking some pages, and also watching videos on watch. I’m sorry for my bad English, I speak Spanish.

Only watching videos on Watch seems easy to be manipulated by bots though. To make it look more human, why not interact with the comments on the videos that you are watching and on the posts of pages you like?

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I usually warm up accounts between 1-2 weeks. During the warm up period, I add friends from “people you may know” (<10 people per day) using the search and add friends tool, join 1-2 groups per day, I also like some posts using the Account Actions tool in Jarvee.

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Use other tools as well. Post some content on your account. Also, try sending manually friend requests to some users from Friends suggestions.

I personally use the like comment, like, story viewers, and random actions tools to warmup the account for 6-7 days then I start using the follow/unfollow tools slowly.

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