Jarvee additional functions - wish

Hi all,

I’ll ask Jarvee for if they can implement these two functions. Whats your Opinion? Would be great if you like it that you also ask them for these functions cause if more demanding for it they will more likely integrate it.

  1. Regarding the 7 day blocks it would be great if there would be an option to pause until a specific date only specific tools. For example for the 7 days total block that you could select to pause like/follow/comment until a specfic date and after that date it will automatically start the tool again.

  2. an Option that if an Account is temp block for follow that in the time that he is temp blocked for follow Jarvee is scraping already new users to follow next.


Regarding option 2, I dont think it is a wise idea to use that account to scrape if it’s been blocked.

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I dont think it is a good idea to use your API to scrape when being blocked using that API

Definitely think the second option to scrape would not be good. Just cause you more headaches and blocks most likely.

Option 1 sounds great.
Hopefully, they will take your advice!