Jarvee affiliates program

A while back I have been promoting jarvee through their affiliate system (which was pretty awesome), and just now I decided to check how it’s doing. Turns out I’ve made 430$~ , but the traffic is long gone, and their minimum payment threshold is 500$.
I’ve tried contacting their support to help me sort this out, but it was a short no.

If anyone is currently promoting jarvee , or would like to start please reach out to me and we can split the earnings.
Hope it’s fine with @Stiletto , or if you have a better idea how could we sort this out let me know , thank you! :heartbeat:J



As long as you don’t break any Affiliate program Terms of Use, I have nothing against it.
Just keep in mind that selling or giving your affiliate account to someone else will result in ban.

Joint venture with someone who can provide you traffic is fine.



Hey @Stiletto,
Where can I signup for Jarvee’s affiliate program?

2019 UPDATE: We have closed the affiliate program and are no longer accepting any affiliates. Thank you for being with us all this time and we wish you all the best.

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Does that mean that there isn’t any affiliate program at all or that no new affiliates are accepted?

From the above @Stiletto’s answer I suppose old affiliates are good to go

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Yeah, old affiliates still can promote Jarvee and earn commissions.

All affiliates that got their affiliate accounts approved before we closed registration can still take advantage of Affiliate program to earn commissions. New registrations are not accepted.

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I’m interested in your story.