Jarvee Alternatives?

I think I am starting to get the hang of Jarvee, but have read good thinks about Instadub and especially about tools that are supposed to not exist in English, but are, I rephrase, “so much better” than Jarvee too. Would you still say Jarvee is the best automation tool out there, or are there better automation tools? (Please leave customized bots out. They of course are a league for them selves)

Writing and supporting software for automation is a continuous effort. Selling software for a 1 time fee and promising life long updates after that is hard I think. So I always have doubts about people offering this.


I have read about those concerns before, but also have read about a lot of people that claim that does at least influence Instate for example and the performance is better for them as with Jarvee.

I have heard mixed things about Instadub. It doesn’t look as scalable as JV. Socinator has a very confusing layout and setup. I didn’t like it.

I know of one russian bot but its not good with human like behavior so is used for mass dms and not client/ slave work.

I know a few guys that use customized bots developed by themselves that say its way better than JV but obviously they won’t share that service as its their income.

Not sure if there are any others

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Most likely not. Instadub is really the only one you will hear and read about when it comes alternatives on the English speaking market. Well, and Socinator, but usually not in the most positive light of things. Do you have a clue what happened too all those cloud based bots? I always wanted to try them, but something just seems to always keep me from “getting” one of those.

Instadub is actually more scalable in terms of number of accounts you can put on 1 instance. The owner told me you can actually run 1000+ accounts on 1 instance depending on your machine. The only issue with Instadub is the UI is the most confusing ive ever seen for a piece of software.

Ive spent hours/days trying to figure out how it works and I get the basics of it but its too confusing for me so its not worth it. If you have ever tried running it before you know what I mean. Not trying to trash it. It does have VERY good customizing which is probably part of the UI issue. Instadub would be a great bot if the UI was improved. I think it would rival Jarvee actually.

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I actually bought it ages ago and didn’t use it because of that reason. It was so confusing

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Been using them all mostly.
It startet with instaget, instafollow, followliker and you name it. Been there done that.
Jv is by far more user friendly than any. Also no other bot can really match up with all the options and filters jv provides.

The developer of instadub is extremely active though. His been able to keep up this long.

But I personally will pick JV.
Lots of tutorials and free help on this forum.


I know what you mean I also have tried several bots, but the most of them have been no-names and the only “big” one that I have tried beside of Jarvee was Ninjagram, if that rings a bell, and that really did not impress me.

After some more reading today and my experience with Jarvee so far, I can only say, that I think Jarvee is really the best on the English-speaking market with the possibility of Instadub as a rival, if they would finally change their UI, I mean just look at it…Anyway thanks for your take in this discussion.


Yea Ninjagram does definately ring a bell. Old school too. But when they found a way to crack it, it went down the hill.

If you want something advanced but easy to use. I mean really be able to turn and twist things as you wish. Without being affiliated with the software in any way, I believe JV does the trick.

For more simple and straight forward tasks, instadub should be fine.

I mean it can be convenient to have all possible filters out there. But if you only like to follow/unfollow, like and comment. Then the absolute advanced bots are overkill.

Look at your needs. If you look for simple automation, then go for a simple software.

Jv is damn good but it’s not cheap.

And it’s my pleasure to give you my 2 cents. I hope you find the right software which suits you.


I don’t think this is an advantage cause even for the license of 500 accounts you gotta have a beast of a machine and only that’s why you can’t buy a higher Jarvee plan than that.

I agree, they keep on releasing updates to catch up with the constant changes that every social media platform makes and I think they are doing their jobs pretty well.

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Jarvee is a useful and efficient tool honestly for a minimum fee. Yes you could find 10 people saying they offer the same services, but what’s the guarantee that they work 100%? And the odds of scams? You can’t take chances here


Yes, especially when using it professionally and making a living out of it, you gotta play safe when making this choice.

I’ve been messing around with Krystalgrowth because of the tools development.

They also have a slave account management system. UI is friendly but the service can be spotty because its a SAAS and that has its own limits

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That would be very expensive for slaves from what I see?