Jarvee and "Please wait few minutes before you try again"

Hello everyone. I’v been searching ways to gain more followers on my IG and for the past week I’v read a lot of tutorials and some posts here.

I’m currently using Jarvee and been using the app on my mobile in the same time. When i’m using it i’m getting a lot of “Please wait few minutes before you try again”/ The search took more than 10 minutos and was aborted" and I know it’s not a good thing.
My account is over 6 years old so i think my trust level is ok.

I’m using the Follow / Unfollow / Like module, on target accoungs but it’s not that specific.
How can i loose things up so my account won’t suffer?

These are my current settings for follow:

These are my current settings for unfollow:

These are my current settings for like:

It seems to me that jarvee is searching too much, even tho it has already found people to interact.
Is there a way to limit scraping/day??

Thank you for any help you can offer!

These are two different things. When you say you also use it on your phone, what are you doing? Only posting? Comments? Etc?

There’s a lot of theory about this one, but my own is that it is directly related to the number of API calls. You only get that one on your phone with the red banner at the top. You can test it yourself. If thats occurring, stop the tools, wait 10 minutes or 20 minutes and try it again. You will no longer have that issue.

That could also be related to too many API calls because it’s trying to find people to follow and can’t because the calls are being rejected. I assume with 1 account that you are using it on home IP and no proxy.

You didn’t post your settings for the Like Module, so you might be going over your number per hour and that’s causing it.

IG just had a major “outage” the other day, so maybe we are finally starting to see the effects of it.

For looking into profiles and posting.

Yes, I’m getting that banner. I don’t know which of my settings are causing this? If someone has experience and could help… I think my timers are ok…

I’m from brazil and we don’t have many reliable proxies here. And I tought it is better to run it locally from my city, then running in a proxy located in another country… it would flag my account in no time… I am correct?
Btw my IP is fixed for our entire building, many people use instagram here, but not bots.

Missed one screenshot:

I see many people following 500/days and liking aswell… Im in the middle of it.