Jarvee and proxy use

I’m a jarvee (and mpsocial) newbie and have used the settings that YouTuber Rbolska suggests. Over the last few days I haven’t seen any action blocks. Everything seems to be running smoothly. I have a few questions before I proceed.

I have 4 accounts in jarvee all using my home IP since they always were anyway (and a total of 10 accounts, 4 of which I don’t update much at all anymore).

I want to add another one of my accounts to jarvee. It’s being updated daily on my home IP but it’s on a second iPad (device id) with no other accounts on it under a different iOS account. Should I use a proxy for this one? Or should I wait for my next brand new account?

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Under 5 Accounts, you don’t have to use proxies because in the App, IG allowed us to have log-in 5 accounts.


That sounds logical to me! Thanks!

That sound become illogical when you use all of accounts in same niche and have many things in common. I’ve two laptop, with just one IP, I can handle 5 accounts, but that all accounts are in different niche, one is car, babe, fashion, watch, cat etc…but when I use 3 account in any of same niche, my account need verification. So make sure you make your account more diverse when you want to use same IP.

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Interesting. Thanks for the input. All my accounts are in the same niche, but I haven’t noticed anything out of the ordinary. They been in automation for just under a month, and using the same IP for months.