[Jarvee] Any Solution to Save Bandwidth using Proxies!

Hi everybody, I ordered some high-quality proxies with bandwidth limitations.
Example 10GB = 5$
I used to use Jarvee a couple of days but I have seen the bandwidth is quite fast…
So Any Solution to Save Bandwidth using Proxies!

There’s an option Under the Social Profiles>[Selected your account]>Settings>Advanced> ‘Use Only api to save bandwidth’

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I have been a your position, tried Jarvee’s setting to use only API.
Unfortunately, there is no way (as far as I know) to predict Jarvee’s bandwidth usage, sometimes it’s reasonable and sometimes It skyrockets.
Did you consider using mobile proxies? They are also the best and are easier to manage in terms of bandwidth

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Usualy it depends on how many filters do you have, means the more filters you have the more profiles and data you need to scrape to find the suitable users to follow them. @Gaevintt you can use scraping account for example which is on cheap proxy/or even w/o proxy. Here is the guide from jarvee about how to use it https://jarvee.com/knowledge-base/the-instragram-scrape-tools/


Story views take a lot of GB.


Thank you so much, good to know.
That mean, I will scrape users on cheap proxies and use the result to follow on Main Proxies?

Thank you, Good to know

Don’t get me wrong. But, why don’t you try Proxies with unlimited usage?
As per my Dedicated server’s stats my usages is almost 450GB/month [http://prntscr.com/nvanra]
If my proxies weren’t unlimited, then I might be paying a fortune just for the proxies.

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can i ask, which proxies are you using? are these residential or mobile proxies?

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I am using Residential Proxies

lol if I can have unlimited usage and high quality, I will not ask you guys

I’m sorry mate, you are in level 1. That’s why you missed.
But, if you have gone through the forum and you might have noticed few names frequently pop up when someone in need of quality proxies.
I’m using @HenryCooper 's Raw Mobile proxies.
I know there are a few providers. But, I can’t and I won’t recommend them, as I haven’t used their services.
Since I’m using Henry’s Proxies, they worth the price. Apart from the recent downtimes, those proxies saved me, several clients
Good Luck

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For clients and especially if I’m posting for my clients, I exclusively use Henry Cooper’s Raw mobile Proxies.
And for other purposes, I use Data Center Proxies from MassProxy.
Good Luck


Also using Henry Cooper’s raw mobile proxies, just recently bought more. They work like a charm.

I’d stay away from proxies that have bandwidth limitations. They make your hardcosts unpredictable.