JARVEE - API and Embedded Browser Actions

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from what I have read Jarvee is trying to do the operations via API unless the API calls get blocked (because there where too much?). If the API calls are blocked Jarvee is realizing the operations via embedded browser.

Whats really hard for me to understand and also the reason I opended this thread is:

Why getting the IP calls blocked is not a problem for trust score, reach etc.?

I mean the API calls are already blocked so they already know you are trying to do something with a lot of API calls? How can they think you are human while they block your API calls?

I did a research on this but could not answer the question (IT noob).

Maybe somebody with a deeper understanding could share thoughts on this?


I’m also an IT noob and thinking about API too these days. But can be that API block is just something inside of Jarvee. So there is a protection instead of Instagram is instantly detecting inauthentic activity. And after that maybe a follow block but not in the first place.

But thats just a guess. Maybe someone with more knowledge in this field can help us out here.

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The API blocks are quite common. On the app it can be seen as trying to follow someone but nothing happens, no blocked message or anything like that. This is a temporary block and happens to IG users occasionally when they try to do too many actions.

You can force the follow by using embedded browser but I’ve found this is the fastest way to get a proper 24hr block message.

For now I am using API only and not embedded browser to play a little safer. Many believe that using embedded browser is a bad thing and easy for IG to spot automation.


thanx for the info @Avo

thats what I was thinking about. I also have the feeling it must be “bad” using the embedded browser but from what I ve read most people use it


hy @Avo just wanted to keep you updated. I wrote with the jarvee support concerning this. They just told me following using embedded browser is a 100% safe. Sadly they did not give me an explanation or new information although i explicitely asked for. Hmm I am still not sure about this. Of course they say it’s safe they can’t say anything else because it’s just their product.

I also wonder about this, as I already said in another post, I am blocked from following on all accounts through api, but not from EB… I think IG is figuring out those api calls from bots, but could obviously be wrong, since I’m a noob at IT haha…

I don’t really know about Jarvee, but I have my own bot and I only use API calls, never embedded browser.


Thats interesting @JackGagger . could you explain why? for safety reasons?

Are you getting API call blocks too?

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I have made it without that feature, so even if I wanted to use it I can’t. Anyway I don’t need, I have API call blocks sometimes, my bot just waits then tries again.


So would say it’s not the bot? Hm I thought maybe IG is trying to figure out Jarvee or smth…
Theoretically the api should be better than EB, since it’s supposed to imitate the app, but then I don’t get why we get follow blocks through api, and not through EB…

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Replicating a device is not so easy, and in my opinion a lot of automation tools fail to do it.
It is a fact that a lot of people get more action blocks on API rather than EB - it’s not rocket science.

Embedded Browser works differently.
You don’t need to update your app, you don’t need to handle signatures and deal with lots of other BS such as endpoint changes to make API calls.

Fact is, every instagram update your risk of getting flagged is increased.
Imagine if at every update they would add a new parameter at every endpoint, which silently flags you as a bot if it’s missing (and automation tools like Jarvee don’t update the endpoints in time)

In my opinion, these are the only reasonable causes of action blocks on API and not on EB.


Absolutely agree on everything you said. Is time to realise how complex are IG API calls and how difficult is to reverse engineer them.

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What do you think is the best bot rn? I’ve been having issues with automation for some time now and am searching for a new automation tool (primarily for comments).

Human bot best bot rn

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