Jarvee API block Question

Hi everyone. I get this error today. What is wrong with my account is anyone knows?


Yes, try these step:

  1. Social Profiles
  2. Click the affected account
  3. Add a random letter at the end of the username
  4. Press Verify
  5. You will receive a β€œinvalid credentials” error
  6. Remove the random character at the end of the username
  7. Press verify again
  8. Turn the tool off and on

I hope this helps :slight_smile:


nope it didint work :frowning:

Can you login via EB?

how can i do that?

You neeed to perform actions via EB. Check out the threads it’s been mentioned many times before. (:smile:

Take a rest account around 24hours.
Change IDs Device and login again.

holy fuk it worked thanks

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