Jarvee Api Settings [Day 1-3]

Jarvee Api Settings [Day 1]

I couldn’t find a solution by EB setting.
I tried api setting.

It’s the first day, but so far it’s all right.
I will share the results every day.

All acc : Age 1-2 years
residential ip : 7 (2 in 1)
4G : 3 (3 in 1)

Follow am 6:00 - pm 3:59
Unfollow pm 4:00 - 11:59
I don’t know about Jarvee’s right setting. Please comment if there is any correction. Thank you in advance.


7 hours later update
1 acc compromised (4G)

20 hours later update
1 acc review terms (4G) - > temporary block
2 acc temporary block (residential)

21 hours later update
1 acc temporary block (residential)

24 hours later update
After Follow Actions - Like - It’s Stopped
Only F/UF


28 hours later update


Day 3 update
8 acc Added
All settings are the same as above.

All acc Age 1-2 years

residential ip : 3 (2 in 1)
4G : 2 (4 in 1)
home ip : 3 (3 in 1)

Follow am 6:00 - pm 3:59
Unfollow pm 4:00 - 11:59


Disable automatic api logout when action blocked

20191002_072408 20191002_072424 20191002_072454


Very interesting I stay here.

I would put some day off between the follow and the unfollow

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Interesting, looking forward the opinions of the community.

Maybe a stupid question : Why did you choose to hide the execution time ?

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I think those settings are good to go but it depends on your accounts trust score
not all accounts behave the same, so settings have to be tailored for each account anyways
One thing I wouldn’t do on “After follow actions” is to like after following. From my experience it leads to greater chance of blocks
Lately I do only likes OR only follows. both together do not usually yield good results (in terms of number of actions before a block)

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thanks. but what is IG sense here? don’t do like to a person you followed? y?

I think the only diff here is the 40-180 seconds between follow. that might be good idea although manually you will do it much faster

Are you F and UF at same time?

I didn’t do it at the same time.

Follow am 6:00 - pm 3:59
Unfollow pm 4:00 - 11:59

It doesn’t mean anything. It wasn’t just English.

Could you tell us which accounts got compromised.
Just to see if 4G or Residential works better for you!

Love that project!

Are these aged or fresh accounts?

I would suggest turning off like after block. If you want to do likes, just run the like tool independently. Remember having bad experience with using it in the past after a while.

If you separate those operations that strongly, won’t that get flaged by IG as bot behavior? I run my script by randomizing who get a follow and who gets a like, and sometimes a follow would get a like as well, but randomly.

Run the follow module, and the like module simultaneously. Not the like after follow, is what I was eluding at.

Results were added “20 hours.later”

Age 1-2 years

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Thank you for your advice. I’ve stopped ‘After Follow Actions - Like.’

Thank you for your advice.

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this is so interesting

great share, I am using API already again since a month cause it running for me 10 times better than EB

Did you modify anything? like the UserAgent or something? or does it just work without action blocks?
How did you minimize the action blocks?