Jarvee automatic DM Api

Hey guys,

Does anyone know how to disable these api calls:


All of my accounts are having this.
But I never activated any follow / dm function on them, everything is disabled in the tools, I just put photos in the jarvee that I uploaded myself.

That is, I use jarvee only to post photos, I want the minimum API possible.
I cannot use an embedded browser because I post videos and albums.

I’m 3 emails trying to solve this with jarvee, but it seems like it’s a bot answer, why can’t you understand my question.
Are they bots? just for me to know.

Hi Andre_Dutra.

Where you can See this?

Are you maybe Clicking also on the Global Tool? If yes could be that JV Sync all your Stats because you can Answer PM with Global Tool. 1 Hypothese.

Or are you pressing also in the Tools Direct Messages. If you Press it JV have to make a Sync to show your PM. If you have many PM JV need long time to sync all and just stop if all is finish. 2 Hyphothese. Maybe a Restart Stop it but im not sure.

About Bot Support. Not really i have good experience. Just for normal F&Q looks like that the have Automatic Answer and maybe a Bot. But for Complex Request you get also an Answer. Also if you answer on the same Ticket. You get a Answer on your Answer :wink:

The support of JV is one of the best Support. In my Eyes.

Sorry that i cant help more and just give you 2 Hypotheses.

Where you can See this?
Select the account and in “actions”, click “export api sucess…”

Are you maybe Clicking also on the Global Tool?
Or are you pressing also in the Tools Direct Messages.
I didn’t click on anything about direct messages.

The support of JV is one of the best Support
Maybe it’s just been a bad experience then.

It’s the weekend, support probably had to wait for the developers reply, keep calm, I’m sure they’ll fix it.

That wasn’t nice. I spoke with like 10 different agents there.

Thank you for this. Ahh yes i can also export api sucess. Normal i just export api error to see the error. But thanks for open my eyes also to check the success API Calls. :slight_smile:

Yea how it says just wait for Dev. Answer the allways help a lot. But its logic that the have to work to improve JV and not answer all Support request. Im sure 90% of the Request are normal Question. Ask 1000 times :wink:

Hahah i also want to give to this Atdvie with Automatic Sync. But @ossi explain it perfectly

Does the account still do auto sync? If so, maybe disabling Auto Sync feature from the advanced setting will help.

Yes, all my accounts work with “auto sync” disabled.
and continue to use this api calls.

a curiosity, apparently these api calls are always called before I post a photo / video.

GetMediaDtoInternal 20/04/2021 23:59:28
FinishAlbumUploadInternal 20/04/2021 23:59:22
FinishAlbumUploadInternal 20/04/2021 23:58:30
UploadResumablePicture 20/04/2021 23:58:21
UploadResumableVideo 20/04/2021 23:58:20
GetResumableUpload 20/04/2021 23:57:34
UploadResumablePicture 20/04/2021 23:57:19
UploadResumableVideo 20/04/2021 23:57:18
DirectMessages 20/04/2021 23:56:55
ExecuteNewsInboxApiCall 20/04/2021 23:56:53
ViewableStatuses 20/04/2021 23:56:51
DirectPresence 20/04/2021 23:56:50
GetResumableUpload 20/04/2021 23:56:49