Jarvee automation for facebook

Hey guys, i have some questions about jarvee automation for facebook.

  1. How many friend’s request/send messages do you recommend to go from day 1 with an aged facebook account? How many actions per hour, how many actions per day? What are the current limits? So my facebook accounts don’t get blocked or limited quickly.

  2. How do i send friend’s requests/send messages to people on facebook from a specific facebook group that i want.

  3. I tried Tools->Contact->Extract members or Auto Extract, however i got 0 users extracted, the status is “done” so i don’t know where is an issue. Also, if i extract the users, how do i send them friend’s request/send them messages? How do i direct those extracted users to “send messages” or “friend request” page to execute the actions?

Let me know, thank you for the help!

I would say start with default settings and limits for at least a couple of weeks until your account is warmed up. Then start increasing the limits, slowly.

Use Contact tool’s Extract members tab to extract members of a certain group, and use this format: Fantasy Premier League Community Public Group | Facebook

Then, once users are extracted and shown in the Use members tab, press Send under the Friend requests section:


Then you can go to Friend requests tab, select this option to send DMs as well:


then start the tool on the same tab.

-You’re either not using the correct format, not using English language on your FB account or you’re not a member of that group.

You may also open the browser, make sure it’s on an enlarged size before you start extracting users again, then watch as it extracts and see where it gets the error (if it does nothing on the page for example). But just like what Jaha said, make sure to use the English language for the FB account and make sure that the account is a member of that FB group.