I need help with Jarvee Backups.
My main harddrive died and i’m trying to recover the full folder of jarvee.
So far I was able to recover the “Backup” Folder itself, and the program is running to try to recover everything.

Is it possible to use it (The backupfolder) to recover my settings and all data (already F / U / L etc) that I was running or I need the entire folder? It was running for about 15 days and each backup folder inside has about 2mb…

I would shoot this question to Jarvee support and see what is included in the backup files.

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Hi mate,

Try this - download a full fresh version of Jarvee. Open it up sign in and create a backup this will be empty (note the location of the backup).

Copy your old backup over the top of the new one you created. Open up Jarvee and restore to the most recent.

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Thank you guys.

In the end Iv manage to retrieve the entire folder of 370mb after 12hours.

We are back and running again. :metal:


Good to hear mate.