Jarvee - Beginner questions

Hi! Someone with great knowledge in Jarvee, could help me answering these questions

I do not doubt that Jarvee is the best tool, everyone recommends it. I’m considering starting to use it but the only thing that holds me back is the fear of being banned. I would only use it for my personal account so I would not need proxies. My account is already 8 years old and 50k followers, the actions I would use would be low to avoid risk. But, anyway, when doing log in in Jarvee I would be giving permission to that third application, there is no risk for that simple fact? recomendations to be totally safe? anything that can serve me. Thank you, Kin.

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When you log in, you are not logging into it via third party. Third party would be if someone other than you did.

You are essentially simply logging into another “device”. It emulates a phone so it’s just like logging in from a new phone. It might ask you to verify your phone number, or email or both, but that’s it.

You can use a browser extension to grab all the cookies from your open session of IG from your browser on your PC and import them into JARVEE so it will have the same cookies as your PC to start. That way the embedded browser will not be much different.

The cookies will not import into the API. So it’ll just be a new “phone” you are logging into.


Would you explain how to do cookies well? I also use IG on my phone, some way of doing something similar? use my same ip or something. With what I said previously about the age of my account, and not using actions aggressively, my account would not be risky?

Your not gonna get the API cookies from your app.

Logging in using your home IP should be fine.

When the computer is off, Jarvee continue working?

jarve will stoped when your computer is off, I suggest you to use VPS if you want jarvee working everyday.

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JARVEE takes a little nap nap. Gets all snugs in c+ until you wake him up with a “good morning”


If I were you I would start some new accounts in the same niche as your main account to play with Jarvee first. After a month or so then put the main account in after you have some experience with the system.

You can find some sources this way and get familiar with Jarvee.

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I would recommend the contrary. Learning the basics with a personal account is great since it is pretty much bulletproof :slight_smile:

There is a free trial, use that first. First 2-3 days of the trial I tested the tool on my dummy account, then I went live with my personal account. Never had any issues.

FYI my personal account was created 6 years ago.