Jarvee blocking actions while all is good on mobile device

Hello Guys

Hope you all are doing great. I am new to jarvee and instagram automation stuff and stuck at a point. In one of my account jarvee showing action block even using eb while on the other hand all the actions are working fine on my mobile device.

Can anyone please suggest how to solve this issue.

I’m facing this as well. it seems that its the proxy that is causing the issue…

I have tried different proxies as well… currently I am running the account at @HenryCooper proxy… all accounts are doing good except this one even after switching to 4g proxy.

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I think at the moment the best way to run the automation on JV is a bit of an unknown and things are in a state of flux. May people are having trouble reliably getting JV to avoid regular blocks, even if they can perform actions on their mobile devices.

Hopefully there will be a more stable solution soon and JV will be able to perform a large number of actions without blocks again.

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I actually don’t think the proxy is the issue. I think what’s happening is that JV does not have a full EB mode. What this means is that as it’s scraping accounts it’s doing so through the API which as we know has issue. That API block then causes issues when Jarvee is trying to follow people through the EB. I currently have the same issue where follows go through fine via mobile but both the API and EB on Jarvee are causing issues.

I messaged support about this yesterday. They said that there should be an update for this within a week and that many of the issues with the API should be resolved in 2 weeks. :crossed_fingers:t2:


Oh i just forgot to message the support… I will share what they say regarding this