Jarvee blocks on following and Publishing

Hi Folks, I’m using Jarvee for 7 months now with success. I’m growing 9 accounts and getting around 1000 followers per month wich is ok to me.

Since few weeks I noticed Following block on two accounts which runs on different proxies. I’m running 2 accounts on 1 proxy (by High Proxies).
The strange thing is that one of the two account has Following blocked and the other not. (I’m referring to the ones running on the same Proxy).

Another problem is that Jarvee is not able to post photos with its Campaing tool. It stopped to work around one week ago. The tool says that the photo was publiushed but it’s not.
If I publish manually from the mobile phone, it goes through, but not from Jarvee.

Jarvee team suggested to post images as videos and it works but does not make sense.

Anyone can suggest a solution to this please?

I see that you’ve found another post that talks about this issue. There are a lot of these around the forum, so I am going to close this one since you’re asking in another one.

This is your problem. Also, you need 1 account per proxy. Stop using highproxies.

If you want 4G mobile proxies (and you should), contact @HenryCooper His bio will have info.
Also @Digital7Boy

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