Jarvee Blog Weekly Sum Up 6

Hey all!

Hope that at the end of this week you are happy with how you did and that you know to say one bravo to you. :slight_smile:

I’m sure you will say one bravo to the topics we prepared for you, that were the most interesting in the previous period. Jarvee blog has valuable content that can serve all us. Enjoy!

If you have some comments and your point of view on some of these topics, please share them with us.

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I have the same thoughts like this one. Usually, brands just get some famous random person to advertise their product. It would have authenticity in it if the user REALLY uses that product, and in that way, the reviews made by him/her are not scripted.

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That’s why products need a good user centered design, so people actually really want to use it of their own conviction :grimacing:

Bravo :slight_smile: MPSocial at its finest :slight_smile:

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