Jarvee Campaign blacklist words - is there such thing?

Is there a way to make a blacklist for the campaign?
I scrape posts and upload them in bulk campaign but some posts with words that I prefer to not use for my clients. any idea ?

In repost tool there is a tool for blacklist, but no such tool in campaign

There’s “exclude keywords” option when you add source. See screenshot below:


I am not scraping with JV. I already have a scraped *.csv file with quotes. I just add this CSV and some quotes have words that I am not interested to be within the posts.
Thanks for the help

Depending on your goal here, a niche specific spin syntax might be one solution. Normally “random” re-posting does not give good results in generic campaigns. What niche are you working in and what goals are you trying to achieve for your clients?

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I am not re-posting. I just have a bunch of posts in a CSV file ready to go.
each file has 2500 posts - I don’t have the time to check every post. I just take the CSV file and insrt it into Campaigns.

And to your question:
I am in the sneakers niche

My goal is simple; I am asking if there is a feature in jarvee campgains that if
Post X contain word Y = Do not post.

Since you have all the information already in the CSV format, just importing it into a google sheet or an excel file is probably the easiest solution. Ron’s CSV Editor should also be able to handle that. Always use the right tool for the right job!


Jarvee doesn’t have that feature. But you can easily remove posts that contain specific words using Excel.

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thank you so much

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