Jarvee can't DM new followers


Since today Jarvee won’t DM new followers(everything was alright for weeks and I didn’t make any changes), it will visit the extracted user’s profile, then click on the message button, and on the screen where the message is supposed to be copy - pasted it just gets stuck as if it can’t find the box to paste the message.

I have attached an image from the dashboard showing the error I got.

This happens on all of my profiles, it started out of the blue today and I can verify that those accounts can send DMs and it’s Jarvee that can’t find the box to paste the DM message.

Most likely a Twitter update and Jarvee needs an update too?

Hi, we have released the update which contains the fix for that issue. Please make sure you are running version then stop and start the tool and see how it goes.

I think I’ve noticed that one as well and it has been told to me that the issue will be fixed. Haven’t tested it yet tho. Let me know if it has been fixed for you.