Jarvee Computer Recommendation

So I have Jarvee and i run about 50 accounts on a i5 2400 cpu 3.10GHZ 4core 16gb ram and ssd computer but the CPU always goes to 100% does that mean I have to get a better CPU? if so what would you recommend any help please?


Hey man. Make sure to untick the “Group by Tag*” option in Social Profiles - this completely transformed my PC from struggling to run 500 scrapers to now 2,000 no problems.

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Are you using the EB for those accounts?


thanks for replying and I looked and its already off so that not the issue its strange because now i keep getting Werfault.exe errors and CLR Errors

its mainly twitter accounts so I dont think I am am I meant to?

I am using a vps that only uses up around 40% cpu and 20% ram and it runs terribly for me. Not sure what the problem could be but just clicking on different tabs takes ages to get around jarvee.


but I dont think i get a vps can run it from a computer but dont know how to fix this issue of 100% all the time

Maybe Jarvee uses too many embedded browsers at the same time. What value did you set in Settings > Embedded browser?

Try to lower the number of primary EB to work at the same time.

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I had situation where I had too many primary browser running at the same time. If @ossi recommendation doesn’t help, contact Jarvee support, they will check this further and give you some additional recommendations…

I have a really powerful Macbook. Is there any service like Jarvee for Mac OS?

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Go for a Dedicated Server or at least for a VPS
Worth the money.
AFAIK, J does not work on MacBooks or anything similar to J hardly exists :smiley:

Do you have any reason not to go with a dedicated server? Running those kinds of things on home computers is fine as a hobby, but for business maybe not such a good idea.

@HenryCooper has the point, nicely said :slight_smile:

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You can easily run Jarvee from VPS on your Macbook :slight_smile: