Jarvee Data Usage - even after subscription is over

I used Jarvee before, but didnt continue the subscription since abt Jan 2021.
App was still in the machine.

TODAY I discovered that its DOWNLOADED 400mb of data.
How could this be?
Anyone from Jarvee? @Stiletto ?

if you are not using Jarvee app and you don’t have a license to login, Jarvee cannot do any actions on itself, for Jarvee to start doing actions you must be logged first, so if that’s the case then you should remove Jarvee completely from your computer.

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Just uninstal Jarvee from your PC. Probably Jarvee tried to log in from time to time and hence you’ve noticed some data.

Jarvee if running even if not logged in, it will self update in order to have the latest version when you start using it again. That is where the traffic is coming from since there are constant updates, like 1-2 per week. As they said above, if you’re not using it either make sure to completely close it or remove it .