Jarvee delays not working

I have set a delay between each follow for 5 to 10 minutes.
For some reason on many accounts Jarvee keeps following every minute which causes an action block very fast.
Anyone else facing the same problem?
Any help is greatly appreciated.

The delay between follows is measured in seconds, not minutes.
The delay between operations is measured in minutes.

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I always say this in the past but its always washed up :slight_smile: I dont know why they arent looking at it to fix. I say this is true. Even if you put any time interval between follows it will follow every minute. This issue is just occuring when using EB.

I have contacted them regarding this.
This is their response:
You set Jarvee to follow 99-100 users every 1-2 minutes (the wait time between each operation) and set each follow to have 5-10 minutes delay. It’s not possible to do that in Jarvee.

That doesn’t make any sense to me. Anybody else has any idea?