Jarvee - deleting sources

Hi Guys,

When I delete a following source from Jarvee, would that automatically scrap all the extracted followers?

What do you mean by scrap them? It should just remove the source from being used to find more followers.

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If you delete a “source” it just goes bye bye and no longer follows that source in any of the settings in “follow sources”, it would not affect anything else.

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Sorry guys, I probably just can’t explain properly what I am asking for. :slight_smile:

What I mean is what is exactly happening to the users already extracted from the source I have deleted, but not followed yet?

Are they being deleted as well (together with the source) or Jarvee extract users from sources in “real-time” when it starts auto-follow operation and what I am asking for doesn’t even happen?

Jarvee can extract users real-time from source as well as extract first and then follow it for a week/month.

To follow at real time you don’t have to do anything, it will first scrape multiple users and then follow it slowly.

But if you want to extract too many users first and then follow it for a week/month then you’ve to enable one option from follow setting.

On follow module you will see follow limits section, there you will see “send to extracted users” checkbox option, mark that and Jarvee will scrape all users and then follow it even after one week/month based on your setting.

Third option is from profile option, there you will see “scrape tools” module.

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Thanks, That is what I was looking for and sorry for not being too clear in the first place.

So if I never tick “Send to extracted users” there is no users left from the source I am deleting and I don’t need to worry about it any more?

Yes, that’s right.

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