Jarvee did not reach daily limits

Hi there,

I’m having some trouble with some of my accounts. They are supposed to target 700 follows daily but they are only doing approximately 200 follows instead.

At the beginning, they were growing fine like 75-100 new followers per day but suddenly dropped and now I’m barely getting like 10-30.

Please help me find where the issue is since I don’t know what to adjust. The filters are ok, I’m not doing anything crazy really.

Thank you!

This issue has so many variables and possible solutions…

What proxies are you using? Do you get action blocks?

How many accounts are you running in Jarvee, is it running smoothly?

Do you apply a lot of filters to your tools? Do you get search takes too long errors?


like ido said, maybe you have to switch some filters

oftentimes it could be the private users that you follow

do you switched the proxies?

do you change something on your follow settings like the followers followings range

maybe the search took to long


Nevermind the daily limits, but isn’t 700 follower per day a bit much?

it happens to me as well

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Bingo! Now that you mentioned I just had a look and the issue began the day I switched proxies. I’m using a 4G proxy from http://airproxy.io

What could this mean and how can I fix it? Thanks!

Maybe. How much would you say it’s ok?

Allow more time between the api calls. And maybe use a scraper account (running on a dc) for the follow sources.

Also don’t put too many accs on a mobile proxy at once. Maybe also check out some other mobile proxies (so you can compare if it has something to do with the proxy).


If your proxies are slower (can happen with mobile proxies) it is possible that ehhh, Jarvee can make less actions. You can try a scrape account on a cheap proxy to take the load away from your mobile proxies.


I was using High Proxies and after some follow blocks and banned accounts I switched to the 4G airproxy.io. Now that I just checked, that was when all this started to happen.

I’m running 8 and using the Green Cloud Hosting Starter Plan (suitable for 10-40). Everything seems well although I’m not sure how to tell if things are running smoothly. I guess you could say so.

Not many filters, nothing crazy. I’m not getting any errors neither. How do you know if the searches are taking longer than usual?

Thanks so much for your time! I appreciate.

Depends on the age of the account and other actions taken. I have 4 year old accounts I can run 1,000 follows/day on without problem

Mobile proxies can sometimes be tricky because they are typically shared and also are prone to slower processing times. @dimitri’s suggestion of scraping via DC proxy then having your main account follow based on those scrapings is a good way to see if the issue is the speed of the mobile. You can also try switching the account to API only which will reduce the amount of bandwidth needed and may speed things up as well.

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Thank you Tacos. What does this mean? How can I do that?

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Go to the account profile and click advanced settings. There you will find the API settings, Disable browser usage for all actions (browser needs much more data than api call).

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Whats your experience with this proxies? do you use the 70$ proxies for 10 accounts each proxy? :slight_smile:
I use the 4g mobile proxies of cooper

I think this could be that you have strict requirements, so Jarvee reaches the scraping limit before finding enough users.

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$70 for a mobile proxy is expensive. These proxies are in Italy. If you have a special use for that, like high paying Italian clients, it can be ok.

I have my own mobile proxies, and I think 10 accounts on 1 proxy can be much. I remember having blocks with 10 acc on 1 proxy. Resetting them for a new IP helped.

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I just talked to Diego from AirProxy and it seems the reason is because I’m using the same Night Mode in all 8 accounts. Apparently they are trying to do the same actions at the time and it’s maxing out the bandwith speed of the proxy/sim card.

The good news is that later this week he is getting a new carrier with superior speeds (20-40mbps). Hope this solves the problem.


How long have you had those accounts and how were they created?

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These are legit accounts I created on my phone years ago.

Just a quick update: apparently there were something wrong with the proxy and Diego the owner just fixed it. Things should be normal now.

I’ll keep you updated.