Jarvee DM Daily settings

I’m extremely confused how Jarvee can be sending more DMs than the daily max number I’m setting it to send!

The acct highlighted in the attached screenshot below has done 53 DMs so far today and it’s still not gone green to indicate the daily limit has been reached

But the DM action limit in the DM tool is set at 18 DM/day (for both the primary and secondary messages) See the 2nd screenshot attached here:

And the daily DM limit in the Follow tool is set at 34 DMs. See the 3rd screenshot attached below here:

So how can Jarvee:
(a) have done 53 DMs today so far (when 18+34=52); and
(B) still be wanting to do even more DMs today bcos it’s not even lit up green yet??!!

Your image is broken

I think it’s possible that you’re overruling these settings with the global DM limit. There’s a global DM limit in your JV settings, make sure you have not enable this.
If I am correct, you’re saying you have 18 DM’s for both the primary and secondary ones? So 9 and 9? Make sure you don’t have 18 for both individual.
Disable your DM’s for now until you figure out the issue

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Thanks so much for replying. this is my first post and I’m just trying to work out how to add the images because it’s not working for me - sorry to be so dense!

I have 18 set as both my primary and also for my secondary messages. I did this because there was a bug in my Jarvee and - although I only send primary messages - the bot was taking the daily maximum number from the secondary messages setting. So I just made them the same to stop this causing any problems. Could this be causing the problem? It that Jarvee adds both 18 limits together and assumes it should 32 ( even though I have not enabled “send secondary messages” )?

There is a global daily maximum setting for DMs. Can I ask whereabouts I will see this? Sorry again and thank you very much for your comments!

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You can upload a photo by using the picture button. Otherwise upload it to imgur and try link it that way :).

Yeah it’s probably the issue that you have 18 on both settings however I can’t be sure. If you can upload photos of your DM settings and the global DM settings then that would be great since I’d be able to see it. If you can make screenshots of your Contact and Direct Message tabs and any other tabs you have enabled DM’s in (you mentioned follow also). Just need to see the numbers there.

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Thanks hugely! I think I’ve just managed to upload the original screen shots now? I’ve only enabled DMs in the DM tool and also the follow tool
I’ll look for the global settings also. Sorry again!
PS I don’t dee any other settings in Global Tools or even in Settings where I could have also set the daily number of DMs. Its all so very strange!
PPS Its now lit up green - upon reaching 54 DMs

Hmm you’re sending secondary dms also right? Seems to me it is 18+18+34 then. That’s the issue :). You’re sending 18 primary, 18 secondary and 34 follow up dms. You can check this in the log also or in your DMs that you sent

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No I’m so sorry I’m NOT spending secondary issues.
I don’t follow what you say. Sorry again! The green light appeared once Jarvee did 54 DMs. I can’t understand where that numbers comes from. No combination of my limit numbers makes 54. This is happening with so many of my accts. For instance another one stopped and turned green at only 25 DMs sent when the limit was set at 35 (in the Follow tool) and 12 (in the Contact tool)!!
Were will I find a Global setting for the DMs wit you say may be overriding these limits…?

It could be a bug in JV. send them a ticket and see what will be their answer

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Thanks for your reply! X