Jarvee EB & Daily Temp Blocks

This is going insane, daily pass resets for clients and main accounts using EB only.

I contacted Jarvee support and they said doing full API emulation would help.

What’s the verdict?

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Ive seen lots of mixed views on this. Ive been using EB but not full limits yet. Will update when ive scraped all my sources and start going full blast.

We contacted support 3 hours ago about problems with API FE and they just told us to use EB ONLY so sounds like neither one is really working that well.

From our testing, the only way to avoid this is to lower your actions. APIFE is a disaster. We have 100 client accounts setup to do 100% contextual actions on API Full Emulation and less than half of them actually get done with context. They are getting done without context for some reason. Still getting PVs, TLs and CAPTCHA and every one of them is because of this.

Use EB ONLY and do 50-70 max per day (F and UF). That is the most that we have seen that consistently won’t cause issues.


your main acc get EV/PV/Captcha?
are you using Scraper? how many scraper /main acc?

Are the accounts that don’t get followed with context private accounts? I set the follow tool to only follow from context 100% too, and sometimes some accounts are not followed with context, I realize that’s because they’re private, it’s not possible for JV to access suggested users or followers/followings of those users since they are private.

yeah for the accounts with the issue API should help, but from what I understood they are working on an update/fix for that issue let’s wait and see how it goes

They suggest I use API full emulation on the accounts that get TL. So far API FE has been working fine on those main accounts. Only my scrapers get verification issues.

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yeah of course, always use a scraper.

so like 25 follow 25 uf or you mean 50 of each?