Jarvee - Email Verification (Instagram)

Hello, I have just started out again using Jarvee and wanted to ask if it is normal that at least 50% of my accounts get the red email verification statues (displayed on Jarvee) if I have not warmed them up? And if I have to warm them up for how long?

If you didn’t warm them up properly this can be legit. It also depends on the account quality and trust score in general.

Warm up can take up to 4 weeks. Start with little random actions for the first weeks. After 2 weeks you can start some F/UF and scale it up slowly. After week 4 you can start messaging.

There are some useful threads here how to warm up properly. Also theres not just one solution - everyone does this different.

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I appreciate your answer. Would you say that generally 20-30 story views (only story views nothing else) is too much?

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I would start as low as possible, like 5 story views at day 1. But I think right now there is also a problem with story viewer api resulting in blocks.

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Yes, it definitely looks like it.


I would definitely suggest starting slow and warming up.
Yes there is a problem with this right now but that advice can carry on through even the best of IG times.

As long as you’re using good proxies, and safe settings - you’ll do much better.

Remember instagram is a long term game.

Yeah, I agree with this, with IG, you can’t achieve anything over night.