Jarvee Email Verification

Hi Everyone

I hope you are all doing well and surviving the carnage.

Recently, I have been having an issue logging in a client’s account. Sometimes, when I log them they do not get the pop up “this was me” nor received a 6 digit code.

I also tried it in embedded browser and sometimes all it does is page refresh and it does not log me in.

Has anyone experienced this before?

Thank you in advance

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I’m experiencing the same log in loop, that the page refreshes and takes me back to log in page.

Still didn’t found any solution.
If I will, I’ll let you know.
For now the acc is resting for 24 hours, will wait until 48!

seem the best option for now just rest the accounts and try in 48/72h, if not working try if you can log in on normal browser with the proxy to be sure it’s not a jarvee issue if so write to support!!

Most of the time such problem are related to IG is a kind of bug!!

I had the same problem like dozens times in past few months, just try to log this account in loop with mobile proxy and you will receive the code. It always works.


Tried that work sometimes but to some it doesnt. still looking for another solution

I tried everything. My lastest solution was cloning account. It worked.

do you use 4g proxy?

Great Confusion!
Jarvee is reporting as Email Confirmation when in fact it is “Phone Validation”. (!!!)

yes :slight_smile: i do use 4g

The this was me pop up doesn’t always show on the app. Sometimes I have to click a few buttons to get it to show up. Alternatively, you can just go find it under settings->security->login activity.

Clicking this was me on the app doesn’t seem to always work for me though. The login on the browser that got suspicious login will just return to new login page once I verify on the app. Only actual 6 digit verification will get me in on the browser.

Yeh tried. It is a on and ff issue. Sometimes if work sometimes it doesnt TT

If you try and login using the EB and it returns you to the homepage, change your proxy.

Would you mind linking to the process for that? I’d like to have it on hand just in case.