Jarvee - Embedded Browser vs API | 2021 (EB vs API)

I’ve read quite a bit about it now, but the most threads have been released in 2019-2020. So I decided that we collect some experiences & facts. I personally use the follow tool mainly, and get a lot of blocks, email verification, phone verifications within 20-25 follows regardless of the rate. The best ones reach about 50-80 before they too get blocks, verifications when using the API. I have yet to try the embedded browser, but first wanted to ask you about:

  • EB vs API
  • Wich for what operations (follow, unfollow, contact, etc.)
  • Do you use a combination, if yes, what exact mixture.
  • What are your rates for the tools you use (e.g. 50-60 a day, 20 day first week then 50 2. week…).

*Additional: anything you want to further add.

Let’s get the discussion started!


follow 200 (Completed within an hour)work well 15 days
total follow more than 3000

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Do you mean you follow 200 people within 1 hour every hour or every day you follow 200 people within 1 hour (and the rest of the hours there are no follow actions?

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yes, 200 follows 60min

How many seconds in between and do you warm the accounts up first or do you go straight ahead to 200 followers a day?

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warm 7 days by embedded browser
and then change to api follow, 200 follows per day

you can contact my telegram id : Fbmaster2020