Jarvee EP or API incl Scraper and Blocks & Proxies


so I must say, that I’ve read all stuff with different settings.
For now I want to share my experience (JAN 2020) and ask for your support.

I tried the settings of @Adi_Ankonina
which didn’t work for me and saw a few quiet interesting answers of
and especially @oneoneseven because he said if I am right to not have these gaps and do more actions at once.

So for now I use 4G Proxy for Main Account and Social Media Proxy for Scraper Account.
The Scraper Account works only with API and the Main works with EP only.
There I get blocked after 9-11 follows immediately.
The settings are quiet Similar to God Mode settings but just 3 Follows / hour and max. 20 / day for warm up.

Before I tested with Main Account EP likes, comments, follows, log out EP and API but also got block. So when I use the EP and try to do something manual I get a notice of Instagram.

At first I used no Scraper and standard settings, only 4G Proxy and had few API blocks sometimes just for Jarvee but not Instagram.

Do you know what is wrong with my settings that I always get blocked very fast?

Thanks a lot

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use your home ip until you can run without blocking. it may be that the problem is the proxies you are using

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