Always in 3rd day the account will have follow block

Hey guys,

I noticed something that repeat itself everytime (Using JV), no matter which account, new or old, first 2 days it follows flawless without a single block, at the 3rd day it will be blocked, no matter what.

Anyone have an idea or can recommend me something? I am using my own 4g proxy of course, setting are very minimal (10-30 follow a day), scrape only, no API etc etc.

Hope anyone can give a suggestion, I know automation is not dead yet, I am wondering what am I doing wrong because there’s 100% a reason why for the first 2 days they follow perfectly (Tested over 200 accounts), and at the 3rd day 100% will get blocked.

By the way, 3 users each 4g proxy which is again, my proxy 100% clean.

Thanks in advance!!

Anyone can help?

Asked the same. We have quiet the same settings / proxy and i have the same issues.
Did you already tried a scraper account? I did but didn‘t work well. Still the same.

Why not trying out to let them rest on the first day, then enable story viewing on the second day, then try to follow on the 3rd ?

You experience block at the third day too?
Yes I am using scraper only

I tried to do something similar, I followed the first 2 days then let them rest for 2 days, then follow again = Block :confused:

You are saying actually not to follow for the first 2 days?

Yeah, that makes much more sense to not Follow or DM during the first days (if you got such blocks) than starting out ham :slight_smile:

Try this out ASAP, and come back with your feedbacks here to see how it turned out !

  • 1st day : Log the account, edit it if needed. Rest.
  • 2nd day : Story views
  • 3rd day : 5 to 9 follows (max.) per round, split 2 to 3 times a day.
    Keep going for a few days like this.

Then increase :slight_smile: Should be good to go, or at least better


thank you. This was an option I already used to try.
May I get a solution. Until now it workes.

-> I changed settings from EB to API (worked good for me before but changed it before to give it a try, was a bad idea I saw later)

-> I use Scraper account based on API to collect the results for the main account. Than the main doesn’t have so many API actions.

Result after 12hrs:


By the way. I now tested 5 Accounts with story view (300-500 /day) and the follow back ratio is ZERO.
To avoid so may API actions I turned it off. What is your experience with story views?

I only use the like tool in connection with the follower tool.
For some accounts I turned comments on. What is your experience here?

I am from Germany so sorry for some mistakes in grammer or so.

Story views are only viable in my opinion if you can do a few thousands of them every day … And the FBR won’t be really much, so i would suggest you to use it for more “human like”, or to not use it at all, or to use it on every slaves accounts if you run a M/S setup :slight_smile:

ok, switched it to 150-300 each day just for human like stuff :slight_smile:

What do you think about full browser experience? Would you do it in addition for “human like”?

Full browser experience is only for embedded browser usage so if you are using API there would be no point in using FBE

Ok, now with the mentioned API and additional scraper account but without EB at all, it still works great.

Now I have two questions:

  • I only use follow (incl. like after follow), unfollow and story viewer. Do you use more stuff for better results? maybe comments?

  • i heard that some guys use the tool for their clients at night to avoid the double action with the client on daytime. What do you think about it?