Jarvee ERROR 100 (repost problem)

Hi, guys

I have a problem with Jarvee Repost.

When I turn on reposts Jarvee show me this

I have Airproxy, where I have valid and Also my Profile is valid.

Thanks for helping me.

Did you try to check Jarvee website for error codes - https://jarvee.com/knowledge-base/error-codes/ ?
As it states there, there was a problem reposting to a Google Plus service, which is defunt so that’s most probably where you error comes from.

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Hey there,

I already solve the problem with Jarvee Support, but thanks for responding :))


Mind telling us what the problem was, if it wasn’t specific to your account? It could help someone with the same problem if searching this topic : )

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Sure, Sorry great idea

It was Jarvee Setings and then uncheck “Change video hash before posing”



Just wondering, Why would changing the video hash cause issues? Is the option not functioning properly or is it something on your end?

I think on my end