Jarvee error follow tool

I get a message on the follow tool on all my accounts, “Failed to execute follow-account not logged in- a login operation will be executed”. I don’t understand why I get this because all the other tools are working. Please keep in mind im a begginer and this may sound too obvious but I don’t know how to solve it.

Me 2 :frowning:

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There should be a way to contact support, I’d start there.


Yes already did before posting, but you know they sometimes don’t really solve problems, so I asked for help here to save me some time if they don’t help

Please remember that this is NOT a support forum.

Imagine if everyone took after you example… this would become a circus in a few days.


I had the same problem and they were able to help. There are a slew of reasons why this can happen. Def reach out to their support team through the JARVEE app support section.

We reached out and found out our settings we’re too aggressive for the API, so we have temporarily switched to using strictly the Embedded Browser to complete the tasks.

As of right now strictly using the embedded browser we have are seeing the same level of success with the API and less problems.

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