Jarvee - Favour Sources/ Multiplier Factor

How does the “Multiplier Factor” work in the Follow tools? Right now I am using 5, but not sure if that is the best way. I would like to only follow profiles that are giving me a 15% follow back ratio.

What do you mean by multiplier factor?

If you are saying that you want to use only sources with FBR higher than 15% then you gotta set this option like in the screenshot:

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Aha! I was trying to find that setting you screenshotted. I am referring to this. How does this multiplier factor work? ![Screen
shot (9)|690x244](upload://xmMaUt9JCn6wom4QbQSScreenshot 2021-12-31 093704

here’s the formula for that

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Thanks Jessi, yeah that’s the formula.